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Media Reviews - Trond Kallevåg

World premiere concert with Trond's latest  project "Amerikabåten"
February 2023

- "Kallevåg is a class-A lyricist, and with this 'ensemble' of fellow musicians, they create an extremely pleasant and delightful journey over the sea."

- "The band was applauded for an encore, and the relatively well-filled Sardinen agreed that this was an extremely promising world premiere of a project that Kallevåg can further develop and take to numerous festivals and clubs this year."

- "Kallevåg's compositions, guitar playing, both electric, acoustic, and on the pedal steel, were what made Amerikalinjen the wonderful project it became."

- "All the compositions told a story - without words."

 - Jan Granlie (Salt Peanuts)

Trond Kallevåg - Amerikabåten

(Trond Kallevåg's upcoming album "Amerikabåten" (The American Boat) is due for release November 10th 2023 on the label Hubro Music.

Skjermbilde 2023-07-25 kl. 15.04.23.png
Trond Kallevåg - Fengselsfugl

(Trond Kallevåg's previous album "Fengselsfugl" (Prison bird) was released April 5 2021 on the record label Hubro Music)

"An album related to the cinematic works of international greats such as Ry Cooder and Bill Frisell»

«Norway is blessed with many talented, sensitive and reflective guitarists. On this record you will find two of them: Trond Kallevåg and Geir Sundstøl. "

- Arvid S. Knudsen – 5/6  Klassekampen


«The guitar playing of Kallevåg and Sundstøl is on another level»

"Guitarist Trond Kallevåg and his band make atmospheric instrumental music that is a joy to listen to"

Geir Rakvåg – 5/6 Dagsavisen


"An incomparable mix of great sound »

Peter Vollset - Jazznytt


"Scandinavian musicians seem to be the only ones in Europe who can compete with their American counterparts»

Telerama (France)

"Perfect medicine against the wear and tear of modern life"
 - Musicmap (Best 20 international recordings of 2021)


Great review from the great Steve Guttenberg on Youtube of the album "Fengselsfugl"
(Starts at 10:12)

Skjermbilde 2021-06-24 kl. 13.25.31.png
Trond Kallevåg - Bedehus & Hawaii

(Trond Kallevåg's first album "Bedehus & Hawaii" was released April 9th 2019 on the record label Hubro Music)

"Kallevåg has created one of the most gorgeous recordings to hit the shelves in 2019!"

- Bandcamp (15 best international jazzalbums of 2019)


"Bedehus & Hawaii" plunges us into a poetic quietude, eliminates stress and locates Trond Kallevag at the right height on the heels of Ry Cooder and Bill Frisell."


“It’s a lovely album all the way through”

-Gareth Thompson – BBC radio


"An excellent, exellent album"

- Roots And Fusion Podcast


"Cinematic and beautiful"

– BBC Radio 3


"I love that track, its called “Flukt”


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